Us airways plane tweets vagina

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The photo shows a completely nude woman on her back with a plane inserted into her vagina. The tweet was in the US Airways Twitter feed for about an hour. A representative for US Airways sent the following email to Business Insider: We apologize for the inappropriate image we recently shared in a. For reasons no one can explain, US Airways decided to respond to the complaint of a woman who had a bad flight with a photo of a woman pleasuring herself with the large model of a Boeing Super NSFW picture below. They've since deleted the tweet, but here it is forever. Worst or best spring break. A photo of a woman's vagina with a model plane in it was accidentally tweeted by US Airways in response to a customer complaint and left up on their feed for an hour before it was deleted.

Thanks to the New York Daily News, we finally know why the US Airways Twitter account shared an image of a woman sticking a model airplane into her vagina with its followers. The answer? Whoever was running the account was trying to flag the image as inappropriate and ended up inadvertently. So somehow, US Airways' official Twitter account tweeted a picture of a nude woman with a toy airplane inserted into her vagina. The list of things that would be worse to tweet is short enough that we feel comfortable awarding the airline All-Time First Place Victor in Worst Corporate Social Media #Brand. US Airways has attempted to set the record straight as to how it came to tweet out its now infamous “planegina” image. The picture – which revealed a naked woman with a toy plane protruding from her.

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