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Pamela the flat chested- time to think about her - Sex Stories - mrnaglee: Pamela sat in the empty hotel room, her legs spread and bound with velcro straps to a chair in the middle of. I had only seen little five-year-old girls that were that flat chested. But Mom had great nipples. They were fat and long. Her areolas were the size of the old silver dollars in Dad's coin collection. Her nipples were as big around as my little finger and almost three-quarters of an inch long. They were very hard. But the over all size of a girls tits is not my main attraction, I've had girls with watermelon size and then some flat as a board and all in between. In fact this one little red head Tina, had the cutest deep green eyes and wide red lips, a full head shorter than me, nice legs and flat chested, auroras almost a dark.

Long legs smoothly became a firm, round ass clad today in short cutoff shorts topped by a frail tank top softly hugging her smooth, flat chest. As I moved closer to her and my hand found it's way to her inner thigh, she instinctively closed her legs a little bit. My hand continued on it's mission. I put my free arm. A flat-chested year-old wants tits. Big, bouncy tits. The downfall and realization. Senior citizen enjoys late night rendezvous with teen. Paradise found and lost. Party day and beyond. Hot Momma, Slave Gladys. and other exciting erotic at vhf-dsc.info! Archive-name: First/vhf-dsc.info Archive-author: RICHH Archive-title: Kathy When I was a sophomore in college, I was in love with a girl from a neighboring dorm. She was near flat-chested, had a kind of funny body, actually, but I liked her attitude and the way she looked in her denim skirts. We sat together in class and she'd.

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